Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Resources for savvy TTC riders

Few people know that the next vehicle times on the TTC website are only scheduled times and are not calculated in real time. Therefore, I have found the following third-party tools helpful for my daily commute:

NextBus - the TTC uses NextBus's equipment and GPS tracking to monitor its fleet, and this text-based site tells you when your bus/streetcar will arrive, in real time
Where is my Streetcar? - this fan-built site pulls NextBus's data and maps it graphically so you can see where your next bus/streetcar is, as well as when it is predicted to come
Transit Now Toronto - this Android app uses SMS or data to find out when your next bus/streetcar is coming

Combined, these tools have saved me countless wasted minutes at transit stops waiting for a vehicle that doesn't come for 20 minutes. Known where my next vehicle is helps me plan alternate routes that save time.