Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nuit Blanche 2012

Toronto Nuit Blanche, Destination North!

#7 - Neurons in a tent
We visited the seven art installations along St Clair Ave W as part of this year's Scotiabank Nuit Blanche "Destination North".

First stop: #7 (Spadina House) - An eclectic collection of art installations including a tent with images of neurons (see top image), sound installation, projected images, a quilt, interactive bubbles, rotating Parisian images, and my favourite, books-to-birds (see bottom image).

Second stop: #8 (Casa Loma Stables) - A foggy forest which, to me, was actually an interesting cacophony of urban sounds. A foggy forest transformed into urban jungle?
#7 - Books-to-birds

We then strolled over to Wychwood Barns (#3-6), where we experienced #6 (Google Earth on a parachute). This reminded me of childhood physical education classes and all the fun that we would have with the handheld parachute exercises.

Finally, we went to #2 (St. Matthew's United Church), which was an art installation called Caverne St-Clair 20012. The actors/interpreters present were very much in role as archeologists from the future. Slide projectors displayed images on the chapel ceiling. Indeed, if we showed a slide deck to our current generation today, would they really know what it was?

Overall, a pleasant, intriguing and successful night for Destination North!